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OKWAVE USA, Corporation Announces Company Name Change

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners;

We are excited to announce we have changed our company's name from OKWAVE INC. to OKWAVE USA, Corporation.

This was done due to some business reasons and we will now onwards be using this new name officially for company's recognition.

Please note that our name change will have no effect on our services and products.

Any other information rather than the company name remain the same.

Thank you for being one of our valued customers and business partners.

For any further queries, please contact us by email,


OKWAVE USA, Corporation

About OKWAVE USA, Corporation
OKWAVE USA, Corporation operates Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia, which is a 100 percent free e-card service. Davia offers more than 3,000 free e-cards as well as customizable birthday calendars and reminders. Davia has served over 14.5 million users since its inception. For more information visit: OKWAVE USA, Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of OKWAVE (3808.NG.), which offers the Japan's first social Q&A web service and enterprise class help desk solutions. For more information about OKWAVE USA, Corporation visit:, about OKWAVE visit:

Press Contacts:
Shigeyuki Miyagi
OKWAVE USA, Corporation
(650) 731-3020 ext. 704

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