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OKWAVE USA, Corporation Releases Annual Birthday Card Trends of 2016

OKWAVE USA, Corporation's free online greeting card service, Davia, releases its annual birthday card category ranking for 2016.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB)

OKWAVE USA, Corporation's free e-card service, Davia, has released its birthday card category ranking for 2016. The most popular category is the Birthday Balloon Cards category. The themes of the top three birthday card categories feature symbolic birthday items such as flowers and gift boxes.

Top 5 birthday card categories
1st rank: Birthday Balloon Cards category
2nd rank: Birthday Flower Cards category
3rd rank: Birthday Gift Box Cards category
4th rank: Birthday Fireworks Cards category
5th rank: Birthday Party Cards category

These five categories account for 78% of all sending card volumes. The Birthday Cake Cards, which are one of the major birthday card themes, only ranked in 6th place. Even though fireworks aren't symbolic birthday items, Birthday Fireworks Cards have been more popular than Birthday Cake Cards.

The most sent card this year is Colorful Birthday Gift Box Card. This card has two popular birthday items; gift boxes and birthday balloons. A birthday card that contains several popular birthday items in one card is widely accepted among Davia's users.

OKWAVE USA, Corporation CEO Tatsuo Yada appeals "When you send a birthday card, it is better to choose a card that has symbolic birthday items that your birthday friend loves. Davia offers a wide variety of birthday cards which include many symbolic birthday items. Enjoy choosing and sending cards to your loved ones."

The data is based on the actual sending data of our 16 birthday item card categories between Dec. 1st, 2015 and Nov. 30th, 2016.

Birthday Balloon Cards category on Birthday & Greeting cards by Davia

Colorful Birthday Gift Box Card

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